November 8 - Voter approval

Del Mar College District voters approve $139 million bond program to fund Phase 1A of the Southside Campus

Phase 1A facilities will incorporate general academic, transfer core courses, developmental and adult education, along with signature programs: Biotechnology, Architecture/Drafting Technology, Engineering Technology, Culinary Arts and Restaurant/Hospitality Management.


August 9 - Board of Regents Meeting

August 9, 2016

Del Mar College Board of Regents authorizes $139 million bond proposal to fund Phase 1A of the Southside campus for the Nov. 8 election ballot.

Phase 1A includes the central student services and administration building, along with two classroom/laboratory buildings, totaling some 145,000 square feet of space. Phase 1A will also include an initial central plant, utilities, parking and roadways for the campus.

May 3rd - Campus Site Plan Updated

Following meeting with the faculty of both the East and West campuses and another public engagement workshop the planning team made changes to the final campus master plan. The latest campus site plan represents a summary of all the feedback Gensler has received from the community, the students, the staff and faculty, the administration and the Board of Regents. Updated renderings illustrate the look and feel of a fully-developed campus focusing on key story-telling elements.


Apr 14th - City Coordination & Next Generation

The planning team met with representatives for City of Corpus Christi, the Planning Department, Corpus Christi Regional Transportation Authority, and Corpus Christi Parks and Recreation to hear their feedback on the latest campus site plan and phasing.

Following their meeting with representatives of the city, the planning team conducted a visioning session with a class of students at Kaffie Middle School to ask them about the future of educational resources for their career goals and to solicit their feedback about the master planning of the campus site plan. The sharp questions and comments from the students echoed many of the ideas from the staff, faculty, and the public with new inspiration about what programs may be offered.


Apr 13th - Staff, Faculty & Public Outreach

For the second time, the planning team met with staff and faculty to present the campus site plan and hear their feedback. After a recap of the process and evolution of the master planning up to this point, the planning team introduced the updated campus site plan and showed diagrams of how the development of campus might be phased over time.

Following their meeting with the staff and faculty, the planning team presented the campus site plan and the phasing in a second invitation open to the public at the DMC Center for Economic Development to solicit the citizens of Corpus Christi for ideas, comments and to answer questions. The evening's high notes included stories from past students about the positive impact DMC played in their lives to expressions of high expectations for what the new campus will do for Corpus Christi.


Mar 24th - Faculty & Public Outreach

The planning team met with the faculty of both the East and West campuses, benefiting from their perspective and first hand experience of campus life and operations. Following a presentation of the analysis, the Vision Session outcomes and campus plan concepts, the faculty were invited to provide their ideas and comments to the team for inclusion to the final master plan.

That evening, a public engagement workshop was conducted at the DMC Center for Economic Development to present the current ideas about the campus plan to the citizens of Corpus Christi, to solicit their ideas and comments and answer any questions they have.


Mar 8th - Board of Regents Meeting

The updated campus plan and supporting metrics and visuals were presented to the Board for their review and feedback. Following a lively discussion that included questions and answers, the Board members provided direction to the team for going forward with the plan.

That afternoon, the Gensler team met again with leaders of the city's public agencies to coordinate our respective projects and identify opportunities to enhance all initiatives in the area.


Feb 23rd - Progress Review & Updates

The planning team conducted a work session with the Executive Committee to review the updated campus plan that incorporated the comments and direction received from the Board two weeks earlier. The Committee provided additional comments and suggestions that were addressed and included in the plan's refinements.

The following day on February 24th, Gensler met with leaders of key Corpus Christi public agencies to ensure that the campus plans were aligned with the City's planned initiatives related to street improvements, traffic and mobility plans, regional drainage, etc. 


Feb 8th - Board of Regents Meeting

Following the Visioning Session, Executive Committee planning sessions and student workshops, the Gensler team presented its progress-to-date and preliminary campus plan concept to the Board of Regents during its February meeting.

After many thoughtful questions from the Board member, the planning team left with a clear direction for further development of the campus plan.


Feb 3rd - Planning Work Session

Following the student mini-vision sessions the day before, the planning team conducted a second planning session with the Executive Committee to review the campus plan updates since the previous workshop and to solicit comments and input from the Committee; to discuss the feedback received during the student sessions; and to discuss preparations for the following week's Board presentation.


Feb 2nd - Student Meetings

The opportunity to plan for a new campus is rare. Gensler conducted mini-vision sessions with a diverse group of students from both the East and West Campuses to ensure the future campus is planned with the primary customer (students!) in mind.

The students engaged in discussions about parking, services and amenities, safety and their time spent between classes . Gensler listened to students share their "lessons learned" about what works...and doesn't work on campus. These student sessions were extremely valuable to the planning team.


Jan 13th - Work Session

The Gensler team and President's Executive Committee conducted a planning work session in the Library on the DMC East Campus. At that time, a thorough analysis of the site was presented and early conceptual ideas about how the campus could be organized were reviewed and discussed.

Using a variety of gaming tools and methods, the attendees continued to explore and challenge ideas as a group. After much discussion, a preferred idea was identified and the Gensler team was directed to further develop and refine the concept.